Soft Awakening: Avene

Allow me to brag now about one of the most luxurious body treatment products in the market: Avene Eluage Corps. Avene is by far one of my favorite brands. I have already raved about Diacneal and Emulsion SPF 50+ Sunscreen. I really wasn't planning on trying this product, but my brother send me a care package containing this recently. I've been using regularly since and with each application I am even more delighted to have gotten it.
The texture is light and less greasy than most lotions. This treatment formula contain s hyaluronic acid and Retinaldehyde. It claims to firm, smooth and moisturize.
Honestly, I don't know about firming. But it definitely smooths and moisturizes. But what I love the most about this is its fragrance. It's hard to describe but it reminds me of early morning outings and orange blossoms.
I prefer to use this at night. One of my treats to unwind. Ever since I got this I wake up to smooth, radiant skin. ***love***
Dejame contarte de una de las cremas de lujos mas bellas que he probado: Avene Eluage Corps. Avene es una de mis marcas predilectas. A mi me fascina el Diacneal y el bloqueador solar Emulsion SPF 50+...
La verdad es que no tenía pensado probar este producto, pero mi hermano me lo mando del exterior. Cada vez que me pongo este producto me encanta más!
La crema tiene una textura ligera que humecta divinamente. Según el paquete, este es un producto anti-edad que reafirma, alisa e hydrata.
No se si reafirmara, pero la verdad es que me deja la piel hecha un sedal. Pero lo que más me gusta de este producto es que su fragrancia. Huele a viajes mañaneros, depertares trempranos y naranjales.
Me gusta usarla de noche, para asi despertar con la piel suavizada y...felices sueños. Que encanto!

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