European Sunscreen Adventure

After reading much about the efficacy of European sunscreens, I finally caved and ordered Avene SPF 50+ Emulsion
I have oily, acne prone skin. For those reasons, I've always cringed at even the thought of wearing sunscreen ... at the beach. So wearing sunscreen on a daily basis was something totally ridiculous to me.
Until recently. My skin hit rock bottom and I've decided to assume a no-holds barred approach to skin care.
This sunscreen is not as matte as Neutrogena Dry Touch, but certainly not greasy.
And no where nearly as nice wearing as Shiseido lotion SPF 55
It has taken a bit of getting used to.
I was about to give up on it, until I figured that I must maintain my skin perfectly exfoliated in order to be able to wear this sunscreen under foundation. Otherwise it separates by mid-day leaving an oxidized residue.
BUT, if I keep my skin perfectly exfoliated and set this ss with an oil absorbing pressed powder (like MAC Blot) This wears rather well.
I went to the beach this morning and anticipated coming home to find all my acne spots red and aggravated. But my skin doesn't look like I've been on the sun at all!
PROS: Great protection, water resistant, high SPF, high PPD, semi-matte finish. long wearing, does not break me out (Big plus)
CONS: Not easily accessible in the US, not a completely matte finish (semi matte), heavily fragranced, an Oil based remover is a must for this product. also $$$
RATING: 4/5 for everyday
5/5 for beach wear

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