DIY Beauty: Mask

Because of the dire economic news on the American market, I decided to post a simple and fab "semi-home made" recipe for a mask.
I use powdered clay from the health food store Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay This anhydrous clay keeps fresh for an eternity and costs next to nothing per use.
You can mix this with water (even cheaper) but makes the mixture rather difficult to remove.
You can mix with any liquid or viscous substance. A favorite toner, perhaps?
My favorite "mixer" is Dannon Plain Yogurt (full fat) Not only does adding yogurt make the mask super easy to remove, the mild lactic acids in the yogurt add extra benefits to skin detoxing properties of clay.

A mixing ratio of 1/1 yields the perfect consistency.

BONUS~ Learn from my mistakes:
Adding Apple Cider Vinegar yields the stinkiest mask you could ever imagine. The ACV smell seeped into my pores and took an eternity to dissipate.
Honey I do love honey. But this was the messiest addition ever. Not worth it.
Salt Water Toner May have anti-septic qualities, but this burned my skin.


para Ya que la situación economica en el país esta tetrica, aquí les brindo una receta (medio) caserauna mascara.
Uso arcilla en polvo Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Ya que es super barata y no se daña.
La puedes mezclar con agua (sería aún más barata) pero sería bastante dificil de aclarar.
O le puedes añadir cualquier liquido o substancia viscoza. ¿tu tonificante predilecto? Como no!
Yo prefiero usar el yogurt Danon (sin sabor)
Gracias al yogurt la mascara es facil de aclarar y el ácido lateo ayuda a darle tersura a la piel. Proporción de mezcla 1/1

Aprende de mi:
El vinagre de manzana - sirve pero huele a horrible.
La Miel de Abeja - Tambien sirve pero empata y es muy dificil de quitarse
Tonificante de agua de mal - Me quemo la piel

(pero el yogurt si sirve :)

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