DIY Christmas Wreath

'Tis The Season and I was inspired to revamp "Charlie brown's Christmas Wreath" ~ that's the loving name I've given to a my"more-than-Second-Hand" sad-sad Wreath, below:

 I was inspired by this Pin:

Source: via Bella on Pinterest

The original link is from Better Homes and Gardens. It simply states to glue on pre-made snowflakes to a flat wreath and tie with a ribbon.

I couldn't find snowflakes quite like the inspiration picture. And I have no idea what a flat wreath is. So I decided to use my old wreath and use my hot glue gun (for the first time ever!)
Oh, yeah: and no ribbon because I am cheap.

Now, keep in mind that I don't have a stunning red door to photograph against. (Or an actual camera, for that matter)
But here's my version:

pretend it is rotated :P

I should have probably stopped there. It looks simple and sophisticated.
But that's not the look I am going for this year. I am going for sparkly, and bright.
So I replaced some of the worn out pick of the original wreath, with a couple of bright plastic ornaments.

Here's the end result:

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