Pinspired Vases

I was smitten by this Pin on DIY vases using only spray paint and rubber bands.
How easy is that?!

So chic. So minimalist.
I was ready. Except I had neither white spray paint nor rubber bands.
All I had was black spray paint and masking tape. So I gave it a go.
The result was so unfortunate, I dare not show you the finished...piece.

Instead of giving up...(I just had to have pretty vases!)

I decided to employ this other technique and apply to vases instead:

Here are the results:

The red and white vase I made using a "fusion" of the two techniques. But once again, without rubber bands or spray paint:

1) I cleaned the vase with soap and water, then wiped it with alcohol.
2) Wrapped Scotch tape to a vase. (Yes, Scotch tape. My experience with the painter's tape technique above was so bad that I didn't want to take a chance.)
3) I painted red craft paint on the vase. Let it dry.
4) Applied one coat of Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Paint. Let it dry.
5) Removed Scotch tape.
5) Swirled white craft paint inside the vase

I was going to show you a close up of the finished red and white vase, but Picnik ate it. (seriously)

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