Pinspired: Wall Art for Non-Artists

My piece (left), which I shall call "Cottony Swirls" was inspired by a post on Two Girls Being Crafty Blog and this Pin (right)
I was attracted to the inspiration piece because of its simplicity and multi-color composition.

Ironically, my finished piece ended up being mixed media and pretty close to monochromatic.

I started out drawing the branches on drawing paper and made the circles (aka cottony swirls) in white acrylic paint. (because my paper was not white to begin with and I wanted a sharp background)

Off in my dream world, I imagined laying down on a field of...something...and looking up  ~~~ I've never laid down on a field, so I had to use my imagination here)
So that's when I started drawing with oil pastels trying to recreate what in my mind was the 4:00 o'clock sun shining through leaves and grass.

Then I remembered many moons ago, seeing a cotton plant (bush, whatever) in a very random place like a country club. And I could swear the cotton had tiny little black seeds (it could have been bugs, IDK) And, although not as many as in my rendition, I decided to incorporate them to my painting using a fine point Sharpie.
Instead of just drawing dots, I decided to complicate (and further deviate) things by giving them a swirly motion that remind me of the sky in Starry Night and some sort of Zentangle-ish pattern.


P.S: I still want to try a version closer to the inspiration piece: large canvas, simple and with lots of vibrant colors. I'll keep you posted.

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