Slightly OT: "Refresh Your Day" Car Air Freshner,

One of the Worst Products I've ever Bought.

What could possibly have me so wound up? as to "taint" my beauty blog with an Off Topic Post?
Well, "Refresh Your Day" Car Air Freshner has done it.
(This looks deceptively similar to the far superior Glade Car Freshner.)

This weekend, I bought one of these, "Refresh Your Day" that contains two fragrance chambers.

(As you can probably tell by now, I love all things fragrance. Even for my car. I think there's nothing better than to go from place to place being greeted by a new, happy scent in the air.)

Here are my problems with this product:
  • Difficult to assemble. Now, I consider myself to be fairly mechanically inclined. I actually like putting things together. However, I rely on instructions, logic or both. The way to assemble this....thing follows order opossite of any knowledge known to humanity. Even the latch that hooks up to the vent was difficult to assemble! Moving on...
  • Once I got it together the dual fragrance chamber had no stability whatsoever. They just kind of dangled along. So I thought what if this spills and stains or damages the interior? ANYWAY, I kept it on
  • I got in my car after having the freshner on for a few hours: NO FRAGRANCE whatsoever! I was like WTF? Did I leave a cap on or something? Nope. Just no fragrance unless you put it all the way up your nose! Piece of Crap!
So I'm waiting at a red light. Sighing at having spent a couple of bucks on an unscented car fragrance, hoping that it will "kick in" eventually; when suddenly the whole thing falls apart!!! All components collapse. I reacted by briefly letting my foot of the break, trying to catch it. *ARGH*
Good thing I was a good distance away from the next car or I would have tapped them!!!

The moral of the story is: Save your money. Don't buy this brand. Ever. And never ever let go of the break when sitting at a stop light :P

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connie said...

I bought one of these air fresheners and besides the fact that they don't really put out a scent , it leaked out down my dash and i have very permanent damage to my vehicle . Im very upset with this product and I think it should be taken off the market . I also think they should pay for damages for my vehicle . I will be talking to a atterny to see what can be done about this I am very displeased with this product