Save Damaged Hair Series III: After Beach Recovery

One of the most damaging things for the hair is pretty much a constant: the sun. I was lucky enough to spend a few days at the beach recently and I was scared on what it would do to my newly double processed hair. I considered making a trip to the mall and shelling some big bucks on Kerastase.

Then I remembered about the super duper leave in Salerm 21. I use this product as a leave in only, but it can be used as a mask as well.

So I thought, Why not use Salerm 21 as a mask while I enjoy the sun? While vacationing, I put copious amounts of Salerm 21 on my hair and enjoyed the sun with reckless abandon.

Every afternoon I shampooed my hair and was delighted to feel no dryness or damaged. Even one day when I forgot to shampoo after the beach, my hair was still soft and manageable.

And it wasn't just the umbrella drinks talking, now that I am back to work I am now I have to pretty much dismiss all claims until I prove them to be true.... Salerm's claims have been proven true!

This hard to find gem is worth it's weight in gold!!!
Available at Latin hair salons and online at

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