Key West Aloe Shower Gel

I picked up a bottle of Key West Aloe Shower Gel at a tourist shop while on vacation. What a better way to bring tropical beaches to your daily life than to shower with the scent of coconutty goodness?!?
I also liked that this shower gel contains 20% Aloe Vera.

The scent from the bottle is intoxicating. Although some might argue that it smells just like tanning oil. I loved it.
However, in the shower, this gel only faintly smells of coconut and then it develops into a sweet almond fragrance.

Honestly, I was kind of disappointed. I do love almond scents, though. But I really wanted coconut.
Fortunately for the new "frugal consumer" that I'm trying to become, I only bought the travel size. So I am only out $3.50 instead of $12.

Other scents available from the same line are:

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Fragrance Free
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