Sephora Return Policy ~ Part Deux

Sephora has changed its former lax return policy. It is now requiring that returns made without a receipt are accompanied by a State issued id.
Returns with receipt are still accepted without ID and in the same manner as before.

I see this being a problem for tourists and others without state ID. But I guess this can always be remedied by keeping the receipt until you are satisfied with the product.

It's rumored that the change in Return Policy is due to a number of things including chronic returners (many, many, many people buy stuff for either special occasions or just the novelty of having the pretties and then return when either the occasion passes or guilt sets in)
Another things that prompted this is shoppers buying (and sometimes even lifting) make up products elsewhere and then returning them to Sephora for credit.
Some make up artists have even talked of returning the "Gratis"* (periodic monthly allowance of make up and fragrance gifted to them by the company that employs them) and returning the merchandise at Sephora to get other things. <-Yes, this is a fire-able offense. But so is selling your "Gratis" on e-Bay; but somehow it still happens.

We have been spoiled here in the US by having the most lax cosmetic return policy in the world! People return things that they have been using for a while, things that should be re-purchased but instead are exchanged for a brand new one, and things in such a deplorable state of filth that they should be burned instead of accepted by the store with a smile.
But we have always been a nation that takes the customer's word above all else. "The customer is always right" Unfortunately, a few (and growing number) of unscrupulous returners have made things more difficult for the rest of all.

Honestly, I see even more stringent return policies in the future for the U.S. market. Not only for Sephora, but across the board and affecting even the most plush of retailers...

The consumer's answer to what I see as inevitable change? Making more informed, less impulsive buying decisions and being diligent about keeping receipts...

How will these changes affect your shopping habits?

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