More new fragrances from Victoria's Secret

I promised I would review the rest of the new boudoir inspired Victoria's Secret fragrances: Parfums Intimes

They retail for $55 for 1.7 oz EDP and $28 for a mist (8.4 oz.)

They also offer a coffret sampler with .25 oz of each $42.

The packaging for this lineup is more sophisticated than other VS fragrances. I guess what they lacked in sophistication in naming the fragrances, they made up in presentation. (which is totally acceptable in my book)

Now on for the review (I will obviously skip Lace because I dedicated an entire post to this beauty earlier)
The collection includes Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine, Satin Rose de Mai, Lace Orange Flower and Silk Mandarin Santal.
Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine: I love vanilla and I love jasmine. Now why DON"T I love this? Because the vanilla note reminds me of slightly expired cooking vanilla extract. It's nice for a fraction of a second and then the slight pestilence of cookie dough a few weeks past expiry will hit you.
Satin Rose de Mai: This is pleasant. A modern twist on rose. Notes are pink rose, honeysuckle and mandarin flower.
Sadly, it just seems like an imitation of Valentino's Rock n Rose. (which is a great scent) This is just not original enough. The dry down is identical to Rock N Rose Body lotion (lotions usually capture the original fragrances mid and base notes, so that makes sense)
Silk Mandarin Santal: This isn't bad. If you like Chanel Chance or Dior's Addict you are going to like this. Mandarin, mimosa, Sandalwood, musk and white woods. If I remember correctly Addict also pairs a citrus with a woodsy dry down. This is not for a wall flower. It's a powerful and heady fragrance. Definitely for nights or cooler weather.

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