hmmmm Aromatherapy

I went into Bath & Body Works recently because I got and e-mail that the regular anti-bacterial hand soaps were on sale 5 for $15. What a great deal :)
When I got there I was kind of meh about all the scents except for Tranquil Waters (which I adore) Then I walked over to the Aromatherapy section and I found hand soaps in the line.
I don't know if these are a new addition, or if I just never noticed them before. But I decided to go for these instead.
Also on sale at 3 for $12 (12 oz)
I am and always have been partial to the Eucalyptus Spearmint fragrance. I love it. It's soapy, clean and fresh.
I actually use it as a "home" fragrance in my office too. I have the spray and diffuser oil. It just makes me feel calm and refreshed.
I also got a hand soap in "Mandarin Lime". This scent remind me sooo much of the now discontinued Aromatherapy fragrance "Grapefruit Peppermint" This is also very invigorating and clean.
These are a bit more expensive than the regular hand soaps, but are SUCH a nice change to ho-hum scents.

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