New Benefit Fragrances

Benefit has launched a new fragrance collection called Crescent Row. It consists of 3 fragrances with attractive presentation and catchy names: Laugh with me Lee Lee, Something about Sofia & My Place or yours Gina (Hear that, Gina?)

Laugh with me Lee Lee is described as a light blend of citrus, jasmine & lily blossoms. (This sounds gooooood. Doesn't it?
Well. it turns out this is my favorite. I am surprised, because I would never consider myself as a "laugh with me" person. At all. Actually I am quite a bit of a grump. But enough about me. This is a light, young, almost oceanic but not so impersonal fragrance.
I like it.

Something about Sofia is a"dream of oriental blossoms, mango & vanilla. hmmmmm, not so Gouda. This is trying too hard. It's like an Avon classic fell into a sifter of body powder.

My Place or yours Gina is "an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry and patchuli" This is interesting. Upon reading the notes I thought: this sounds identical to the Givenchy's Hot Couture. Well, it kind of is very similar. But not as heady. This is very sweet, but not fruity. Complex and almost syrupy; without being overwhelming.

1 oz. sells for $36 and right now Benefit has a GWP

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Gossipgirl98 said...

My fragrance was not your favorite??? I'm a little hurt to say the least. LOL at least you didn't bash the smell of it and said it was okay.. Patchuli huh?? I don't know that i'm a HUGE fan of that.