I NEED Perfume ~ Part Deux

On a recent trip to Victoria's Secret, I decided to check out their fragrance selection. Normally I am quite snobbish about my fragrance. I turn my nose at VS fragrances. ("for amateurs" I think to myself in a forced French Accent)

But this time I was pleasantly surprised.

Ok That's an understatement: I was swooned by what I had just sniffed. The fragrance: Lace Orange Flower Eau de Parfum.

Apparently VS has come up with a collection named after the textiles they use in lingerie: Cashmere, Satin, Lace, and Silk.

As I read the display and reached for the first bottle, I rolled my eyes (again, in a French accent. Yes, even the rolling of my eyes has a French accent when I am being snobby) "How tacky" I told myslef. Uff!

Anyway, reviews for the others will follow.
Now let me tell you about Lace Orange Flower: This beauty opens with THE most perfect Orange Flower note I remember smelling.
Take that! Prada StinkyFleur d' Orange!!! <-*gasp* Who said that?

Anyway, if you are not familiar with Orange Flower notes, these do not resemble the fruit at all. Orange flowers are heady, sirupy flowers that are quite divine in in real life. But must be quite difficult to immortalize in fragrance because most perfumers fail at it.
Well, Lace Orange Flower Eau de Parfum captures the flower notes at their best.
This scent is sweet and sophisticated, with just a slight touch of melancholy. The drydown is equally divine, like a Pablo Neruda poem in a bottle.
Orange Osmanthus(07-10-19)Image by jijis via Flickr
The advertising claims this perfume pairs Orange flowers with Chinese Osmanthus. I'll be honest when I tell you I haven't the faintest clue what Chinese Osmanthus smells like on it's own. All I can tell you is this combination is heavenly.
At $55 a bottle, this VS fragrance is not exactly cheap.
And because I have vowed to shun impulse buys from my vocabulary, I didn't buy it.
I did however, saturate my dress and a blotter card ~ as I promised the bottle I would be back for it soon. Very soon.
I won't forget you, my love.

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