Want to smell like a wet Band Aid? Try This!

L’Artisan is a French perfumery known for the complex, artisan crafted fragrances. They are definitely not your mainstream "white floral-and-musk" blender that was made to appeal to the masses.

Fragrance elitist treasure L'Artisan finds and even I find myself delighted in their fragrance descriptions and promises of sweet smelling dreams. Come Dzing! by L’Artisan. This, ehem, unusual scent was inspired by the magical of circus life. Something bigger than life. With notes of tonka beans, balsam, saffron and ginger it promises a walk into the surreal.

I was excited to get my hands on this delight and was put off by it on cold sniff. I applied it my wrists (never rubbing them together as that breaks down the melody of the fragrance notes)

As I drew my wrist closer to my nose I was shocked to smell something repellent and yet very familiar. Was it tire rubber? No. Not like Bvlgari Black at all.

It had a clinical uneasiness that turned my stomach. And then it hit me. "This smells just like a wet Band Aid!!!!!" ~ I don't know how the perfumers managed to find a blend that so closely resembles the chemical, sticky, gluey mess of a healing paper cut.

But Alas! it was done, bottled and sells for $135 for 100 mL

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