This *is* and Incredible Pumpkin Peel

MyChelle Incredible Pumpkin Peel has been on my wish list for a while. (months, actually) It gets raves on MUA and I
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had been contemplating the purchase for a while.

It's $27 dollars. Although not really expensive for a treatment, to me is tad steep for what I consider "cosmetic skincare" (i.e not a staple, an auxiliary to the routine) in other words: to me masks are like the fun, fluffy part of a skincare routine.

Another thing, this mask is tiny! 1.2 oz. Maybe I'm used to the enormity of clay type masks, but this container was a lot smaller than I expected.

Upon opening it, I discovered this masks looks just the batter for my "Most Excellent Pumpkin Bread" batter. ~ Same color, consistency and smells like the batter albeit saturated on the cloves.

It is described as:
"Organic pumpkin puree with pineapple and ginger for ultimate exfoliation and nourishment."
Yum! Sounds delish. (And in my head I thought "and ineffective!")
But I finally took the plunge and bought this.
I leave this on for five minutes and rinse with a warm washcloth.
No tingling or redness whatsoever.
No pain no gain, right?
Nope. LOVE.
This completely smoothed the texture of my skin. Cleared all blackheads (my trusted Paula's Choice 2% liquid was beginning to fail me ) And overall improved the condition of my skin unlike any other product (except for Avene Diacneal)
As far as the puny size of this mask. I found that very, very little is needed for this to be effective. The kin does not need to saturated orange for this to be an effective peel.
Excellent buy. I highly recommend this product.
Next on my mask wish list: Zia Papaya Enzyme and MyChelle Fiesta Fruit Peel.

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