Things that make you go....WTF?!?

Illamasqua is make up brand newly carried by Sephora. And this atrocity of a promo picture is the best they could find as an introductory visual for the brand.

The brand is supposed to capture the essence of Berlin in the 1920's.
Ahhh, the 20's, a decade that I totally adore.
I guess the deep crimson lips are representative of the time.
And I like the hot pink blush. A nice anachronism. Adds to the artistic flair of the line (I am partial to hot pink, after all)
But what's with the eyelashes that most closely resemble a hippies unwashed pit?
Not to knock on all the earthy types out there. But that type of hairy wilderness I can deal with when confined to the secrecy of a tree hugger's underarm. I do not wanted flaunted or batted at me in a promotional campaign.
Don't get me wrong, I love dramatic make up. I adore fake eyelashes. Not just the "natural type" either. I love huge fake eyelashes, particularly those that resemble feathers or anything surreal.
This is a bit much.
Even for me, or for RuPaul, this is....just yuck.
This type of advertisement is supposed to lure me. It's supposed to whisper "buy me", "take me home" ~ Instead this one says, "wash me", "trim me" then "run away"
No thanks.
Carry on.

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