Is this too much for a weekend trip?

As I unpacked my beauty "necessities" after arriving at my seaside destination yesterday, I am amazed at all the stuff that comes out of my bag. It borderlines absurdity. I am after all, spending a long weekend at the beach, not attending the Metropolitan Opera or a schmanzy gala. (and this isn't even my make up bag...)
But shortly after unpacking I realize that I am NOT going to be using all of those nifty little travel bottles I couldn't bear being without.
Save for sunscreen, concealer and Salerm 21 Leave-In; I don't think I'll meddle with much of my "necessities".
I am beachside. Hearing the sea breezy against the palm frongs. Very unconcerned, it seems, whether my hair is straight and my lashes curled.
So the song goes: "It's these changes in latitude, changes in attitude/nothing remains quite the same."
(At least until Monday morning...)
Ciao, bella

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