ShiKai Color Reflect

I got a sample kit of the ShiKai Color Reflect line at Wholefoods the other day:
  • Gold Shampoo: brings out golden tones in light hair
  • Warm Shampoo: brings out red and auburn tones in brunette and red hair.
  • Deep Shampoo: brings out rich dark tones in brunette and red hair.

  • Daily Moisture Conditioner: use daily for weightless body and shine and natural color protection. For all hair types and colors.
I love all things Whole Foods. I wish I could buy absolutely everything at the store. So, naturally I am always looking for effective, environmentally conscious alternatives to my old standbys.

My plan was to use the Warm shampoo first, review. Then use the Deep enhancer and review.
I used the Warm Shampoo and I knew something was up when my hair started feeling kind of plasticky. I then used the matching conditioner and hoped for the best.

After my hair dried I could definitely see warmer tones, but: Holy frizzyness, Batman!
This line totally dried out my hair. I should have known better.

First of all I tend not to believe in "One for All" beauty products like "for all skin types" moisturizers, and in this case, "for all hair types" conditioner.
Well, although I really wanted to love this line, it was a big NO for me. I suppose it would have been OK had I not had dry, color treated hair. Like I said, I should have known better.

(Needless to say I never got to try the Deep shampoo, huh?)

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