To blog or nor not to blog: THAT is the question.

I've been contemplating whether or not continue this blog. So I ask myself, what exactly motivated me to create it in the first place:

Beauty, according to DisneyImage by kevindooley via Flickr

Was it the hope for public recognition? Did I want to be one of the cool girls of Make Up Alley? Did I want to make billions from advertising revenue?
If so, I've failed because I haven't accomplished either of those things.
But honestly, neither of those fueled my desire to blog about beauty items. I wanted to share with anyone who would listen, my experiences through the trek of all things beauty. I was tired of reading beauty magazines "reviews" only to find out that most often than not, the featured products are paying or at least gifted to, those that are supposed to be writing an impartial review.
I wanted to create a fun and shiny place to discuss the more trivial things in life.

Now here's the problem: I have become to concerned with "number of visitors", number of clicks, (lack of) comments and other stupid stuff like that.

I wanted to review products as I bought them. And if I didn't have any products to review, well I would post about something else beauty related or *wasp* not post at all.

Well, it seems my peeps don't like that.

I skip a day, or post something other than a review and I lose 40% of my daily visitors for a week.

Should I care about the loss and just post reviews not matter what it takes?
Should I ignore my visitor count and do things at my own pace? Would it still be worth the effort?
Is a blog still a blog if it doesn't have an audience?

***Le Sigh*** Only I could manage to make writing a few sentences about hairspray stressful...


Gossipgirl98 said...

Hello Bella Sublime...

You better not stop your post I truly enjoy reading them everday and when you don't post for a day I do get mad, I don't comment on anything only because I haven't tried any of them yet, but when I do I will comment, I enjoy you honesty in the way you comment about products. Keep posting..

Bella Sublime said...

awww, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am glad you enjoy the content. (I'm all giddy now :)