Same girl! What's up?

I am not opposed to plastic surgery at all. I am not a tree hugging purist that relays on wild berries and fairy dust to preserve beauty.
I'm sure at some point I will Botox the space between my brows and I will continue to color my hair until I take my last breath.
Yet I fail to understand the current obsession with unnecessary cosmetic surgery. (OK, so there's very little necessary cosmetic surgery; but you know what I mean)
But I am truly shocked to see so many women in their 30s and even 20s getting so much work done that they've come to resemble an alien like version of what they would have looked like 20 years down the road.
Going to the local Chanel counter, one has a hard time telling apart the burn out 30 something, from the sexagenarian Palm Beacher because they both consulted with the same super doctor and got the same tuck, snip and lift.
The eyebrows high (mid forehead seems to be the trend), the eyelids tucked to give her the Bambi, doe-eyed look, the bridge of the nose knocked down (deviated septum, they all say) because somehow having the medical term for an imperfect nose justifies the 5+ procedures.
Let's not forget the refined tip and slightly outwardly flared nostrils. The cheekbones are high, pointy and lizard like, and the lips: oh, what can I say other than WTF?! ~ But that's the standard look. One after the other, all the Palm Beachers in the waiting room all look alike.
An insecure young girl ventures into the plastic surgeons office looking to fix the bridge of her nose. Quickly, the fine doctor suggest that a chin implant would remedy her weak chin. Something she never noticed or fret about.
But now that the doctor mentioned it, she had no choice but to fix this deformity as well.
(After all, how else would this doctor be able to afford his lavish style; if not for the insecurities of those he builds and destroys...)

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