Negative Product Reviews: Yay or Nay

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It seems like every virtually every beauty blog reviews products. And it seems like virtually every one of the products tested get a positive review.
Is it that editors only test amazing products? Maybe they also review crappy products but only post reviews on good products to maintain the overall sunshiny, positive beat of the blog. Maybe they are afraid of pissing off sponsors? IDK
Maybe after advanced market researcher, people have found that audience for these types of blogs are put off by negative reviews because it kills the shopper's high?
Maybe that's it! I mean how else would you explain the fact that the great majority of Amazon reviews that rate a product "Poor" are considered "Not Helpful" to people considering purchase?
The Happy shopper does NOT want you to rain in her parade.
Also with mega giants such as Estee Lauder Companies owning virtually half of the cosmetic market, would you dare post that one of their products sucked? Not if you didn't want to be shunned to the darkness of the lesser brands, I guess.
As for me, I will continue to post my reviews as I experience the products. Great or Awful. Granted, mediocre products do not elicit as passionate a response as their extreme counterparts. But C'est La Vie!

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