Happy Japanese Beauty

A friend of mine recently gave me a copy of a Japanese beauty magazine. What got my attention the most is that the majority of the models just seem.....happy. There's a youthful glow, smile and sense of approachability to the models featured. I'm not surse if they are unique to this particular magazone or issue. But it was quite a contrast to the models I normally see featured here. I'm used to seeing models either uberly sexy, or with a "cat that ate the canary" look, or even pissed off looking. So this magazine was really refreshing.
I wish I could read the articles!
Even the copy and layout seem quite different. With great emphasis on step by step tutorials and research.
I wish I could get a subscription here that didn't cost and arm and a leg....

Una amiga mia Japonesa me regalo una revista de ella y me fascino. Lo que mas me llamo la antencion es que las modelos parecen super dulces y contentas. (En vez de tratar de posar sensual y picarosamente como las de aqui)
Los articulos (aunque no se leer Japones) son muy detallados. Me gustaria tener una subcripcion a esta revista. Pero el envio resulta carisimo

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