Anti-Bacterial Goodness

Victoria's Secret came out with a line of delightfully scented anti-bacterial gels. $8 for 4.2 oz.
That's expensive in my book! But they smell oh, so lovely...
I got mine on sale for $5 and I think that's just about as much as I am willing to spend for this product.
Don't get me wrong, I am quite a germ-phobe freak that has been known to get very excited about anti-bacterial hand gel. But still, $8 is a bit much for something that has about $.25 worth of ingredients going into it.
Going back to the gel, the packaging is adorable and is nicely scented with their best selling fragrances.
The fragrance lingers, but not overwhelmingly so. These also lack the little bead things that the B&BW anti-bacterials have, but that's OK.
About time someone came up with a glamorous version of this necessity!

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