Figgy Pudding

Remember a couple weeks ago when I reported in the fancy new lineup at Bath and Body Works "The Moroccan Collection"? Remember how I said the only product worth while was the Honey & Date Body Yoghurt, but at $17.50 it was waaaay too expensive?

Well, today was my lucky day because I found the whole line 50% at my local B&BW!!!

Of course I revisited all the items to make sure I gave them a fair review and I wasn't too harsh a judgemental on first sniff.

It turns out I was more than fair: the peppermint tea body wash still reeked like pepper and everything else pretty much reeked too - I guess that's why it was 50% off.

Even the Sales Assistant was surprised that this lineup was on clearance just a few weeks after launch.

Is it a sign of the economy or a sign that the scents sucked. hmmmmmmmm....

On the other hand, I am happy with my acquisition of the Honey & Date moisturizer at 50% off. It smells like Baklava and "perfume": A few months ago I made the Lebanese version of baklava: it's often made with pistachios, and instead of honey, a simple sugar reduction with a touch of rose water and lime. (And a touch of Origin's Ginger Essence)

I like it. Specially at 50% off ;)

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