Sephora Return Policy

Word on the street is that beauty giant Sephora will toughen its lax return policy.
From now on, customers wanting to return products without a receipt will be required to show ID.
So the outcries have started:
  • What if the cashier happens to be a serial thieve that wants to steal my identity?
  • What if the cashier is a stalker waiting to get her hands on an ID and stalk a new prey?
  • What if I must make an emergency return and I don't have my I.D on me?
I feel compelled to remind people that the answer to all of this issues is: If you usually return products, for any reason: keep your receipt, until you are sure you'll keep the product.
I think here in the U.S we are a little spoiled by our cosmetic return policies. I mean, most other countries don't even allow any returns on beauty items at all.
I think we should be grateful for these policies. Not abuse them and try to avoid unnecessary returns by researching and practicing responsible shopping techniques.
What do you think of the latest change in return policies?

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