Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stains

Cover Girl Outlast Lips stains are a fabulous find for those than have been longing for a stain with precise application and great pigmentation.
I know that there are tons of mixed feeling about these (they don't last, streaky, too intense etc...)
Personally, I LOVE these! Ever since I worked for Yves Saint Laurent (circa 2004) and the company came up with a limited edition set of these I have been longing for a similar product.
But I just *knew* that many were going to hate this product.
I love these because to me, lip stains are a true representation of what natural, "from within" lip color should be: pigmented, translucent, indelible and vibrant.
I love these because they are long lasting and best of all VERY inexpensive!

Haters of this product will complain of:

Uneven pigmentation ~ lips must be in prime condition, or else the concentrated pigment will accentuate every flake that needs exfoliation
Lasting power ~ These must be applied on bare lips (no balm) AND do not press lips together immediately following application. You must wait until they dry, then blot lightly.
Also, if you'd like to pair this with liner, apply it after the lip stain. Never before.
The waxes in liner will inhibit color bonding and eventually clog the applicator tip.
Too much pigment ~ In this case, apply as you normally would, wait a couple of seconds, then wipe the excess with your finger
Too Drying ~ Well, must lip stains are. However, if you layer a moisture rich gloss or sheer lipstick after the product has had time to set; you will not create a moisture lock for your lips, you will also ensure that after your gloss wears off, you're still sporting a vibrant shade of color

So: Voila! Perfect, beautiful, youthful color!

These beauties retail for $7.99

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