MAC Selct Cover Up Concealer

I recently decided, in an attempt to improve my skin once and for all, to stop wearing foundation daily.
I know. I am in disbelief myself.
I have always been a fan of FULL make up: full coverage fdn., concealer, powder, bronzer, blush etc...
Then I decided that since the condition of my skin has improved dramatically this past couple of months, I should try to see if I could get away with wearing simply concealer and powder for a while.

I have a million concealers. None of which match my current skin tone.

Yesterday I went to a MAC stand alone store and bought this concealer.

The SA was a little less than useless. She was obviously annoyed I dared ask her about the product. But I bought this anyway. I got it in NC30, which is a little dark (now I notice!)

This would be perfect in NC25. But alas! This particular product doesn't come in that shade.

The coverage is natural. Application easy. Durability is not bad.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the shade (the reason I went to MAC to begin with)

I'm hoping to test this color and that applying it sparingly with a brush. And setting with powder, the minute color discrepancy will not be obvious.

I really like this formula. I think NC20 is still a bit too light for me, but I might just have to mix the two...

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