Cleansing Oil ~ Contradiction or Holy Grail?

At first, the thought of putting oil on my oily, acne prone skin seemed nothing short of preposterous.
But I couldn't ignore the raves. And I often wondered why no matter which cleanser I used (even the harshest ones) I always seemed to have makeup behind when I applied toner.
I went against all the voices in my head that screamed: "Oil on oily skin will break you out!"
I ordered the smallest size of the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
icon at just over $10, it wasn't terribly expensive. If it turned out that it didn't work for me, it wouldn't be a horrible waste of cash.
When I got this, I used three pumps and massaged for a minute or two. I was surprised that it dissolved my waterproof mascara. I followed by splashes of cold water. The oil emulsified and turned whitish. Gently removing every bit of make up.
Unable to ignore my paranoid self, I followed by a gently foaming cleanser.
I was squeaky clean.
I passed the "cotton round soaked in toner" test of cleanliness.
My skin felt really clean, not tight. And refreshed.
I love that I don't have to use a separate oily eye make up remover to take up my beloved Voluminous WP mascara.
Rating: 5/5 stars
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