(Forbidden) Fun in the Sun?

I love the beach. The waves, the sand, the salty breezy, the varying shades of the ocean crashing against the cream colored sand.
I feel so lucky to be surrounded by its infinite beauty. Yet I only whisper my love of it when I'm conversing with other "Skin Obsessed Beauty Mavens"
You see, the sun is shunned by most that covet perfect skin. Yes, we've all heard of the damages of tanning, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation.
Yet I am drawn to the beach. I can't help myself.
I've been known to tan. And I tan a deep golden brown.
I admit it. I love spending hours in the sand, with a girly magazine at hand, carefully checking my tan lines every couple of hours. Slathered in the tropical goodness of whatever tanning oil comes my way.
However, currently I am actively in search of the perfect sunscreen.
No. Not for the sake of obtaining a Colonialist pallor. But I am totally convinced that if I want to continue to treat my skin with various acids and abrasives (for acne)-- I simply HAVE TO protect my skin from the sun. Or else come to terms with permanent hyperpigmentation or scarring.
I have found some good choices. Some more cosmetically pleasing that others.
I shall continue my search for the perfect product, so I can continue basking in the splendor of my home town.

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