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For appearance's sake, I wish I could tell you all about my Ultra Luxurious, entirely exclusive, super expensive face cleanser. However, the truth is that my most beloved cleanser of all in about $4, no frills, inexpensively packaged, and it makes no use whatsoever of any of the latest Swiss Nano technology.

It's Dr. Bronner's Unscented Baby Mild Castile Soap.

Yes: Unscented, Organic and Cheap *Gasps are heard throughout the High Skincare Communites at large!*

My great uncle Walter used this. I never thought I would.

Please. I've worked for the schmanciest skincare and cosmetics companies! How could I possibly end up using something so....ordinary?!?

In one of my desperate searches for clear skin, I came upon a wonderful holistic book that, among other things, suggests cleansing the face with pure castile soap as the best alternative for acneic skin.

Tired, mentally worn out, and after having tried every medicated face wash out there. I was willing to try something (anything) else.

I'd tried stuff medicated with Benzol Peroxide, full of little spheres that abraded my face and made it feel cut up. Other Salicylic Acid washes that made it seem as if I had poured a mixture of alcohol and acid in my skin. Glycolic Acid, citrus bubble filled, Vitamin infused, berry full, well: you name it.

All of these had always left me crying. Either literally- from products that were too harsh. Or figuratively, from products that were either too expensive, ineffective or both.

Dr. Bronner's was an exception. Mild, inexpensive and effective.

No. It doesn't "cure" acne, get rid of lines, or balances my checkbook.

It's a mild cleanser that respects my skin's sensitivities so that I can apply "active" treatment and not feel pain after washing my face.

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