Bio Oil: Is there a cure for stretch marks?

I started using Bio-Oil early in the second trimester of my pregnancy as I was looking for something to prevent stretch marks. As a child going through a growth spurt I developed countless stretch marks on my hips and thighs. I thought I'd be doomed to get stretch marks all over my belly as soon as I got pregnant and desperately wanted to avoid this. I have always been told that stretch marks are genetic and that, if you are predisposed to them, there's no potion in the planet that could prevent them.
But I didn't give up.
Early in my pregnancy I used regular creams and lotions including Palmer's Cocoa Butter. But, upon reviewing Palmer's ingredients, I realized that it didn't contain anything special so I embarked on a search for something better.
I used The Body Shop's Body Butters, and although rich and moisturizing, my skin seemed to need something else.
I came upon a Bio-Oil ad in a pregnancy magazine and was curious. I remember a good friend of mine who swore by treatment oils for the prevention of stretch marks in pregnancy. Particularly, Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, but at nearly $50 a pop, this little gem seemed too high of an unproved indulgence. Besides, I remember my friend telling me that she would apply the oil and then have to wait around about 20 minutes before getting dressed in order for the Clarins product to absorb, and I am just way too impatient for that.
I bought Bio-Oil and tried it on the same evening. Honestly, I was afraid I'd end up a messy oil slick. But was happy to find out that this little gem absorbed completely within a minute or two.
Initially, I was put off by the heavy fragrance: kind of like a knock off of Chanel No.5, in my opinion. And was surprised that a product marketed to pregnancy women (and their sensitive noses) would have such a heavy scent. But thankfully, the fragrance dissipates quickly.
The first week or so, I only used this at night because I was afraid to stain my work clothes, or the product sticking to my clothes. One morning I got brave and decided to put it on and head to work. I was marveled that it left no residue on my clothes and I started wearing it religiously morning and night.
I even re-applied on those insomnia laden nights when I had nothing better to do :P
I am happy to say that although I carried the baby weight all in my belly, I gave birth without a single stretch mark!!! I definitely think Bio-Oil made all the difference. Obviously, I am prone to stretch marks, but this is simply a product that delivers what it promises.
I am still using Bio Oil post-partum. Having a C-Section, the skin on my belly seems sensitive and tender, and this little serum has helped it regain suppleness and hydration. This product is definitely worth its weight in gold!

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