Free Gift + Free Shipping With Ingrown Eliminating Pad Purchase

Bliss Ingrown Eliminator Pads combine 6% glycolic and 2% salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs, while lavender and green tea soothe. No more bikini bumps this Summer!
But I must admit that my favorite part of this fantastic deal is the hot salt scrub. And I know what you are thinkin: "But I already have a scrub" Well let me tell ya, THIS scrub will leave your legs with celebrity skin. You know what I am taking about: look at the gossip magazines a hunt for pictures as they just arrive from vacations ~ their tanned legs just glowy and smooth from the fantastic spa treatments in the Mediterranean~ Bliss' Hot Salt Scrub will give you 12 ounces of that. And it's FREE! with Free Shipping!!!! What else could a girl want this summer?
Get a free bliss hot salt scrub (6oz) and free shipping when you purchase ingrown eliminating pads. Offer code 069910. Expires 7.15.09.

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