Do you practice sun avoidance?

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The U.S is nation of extremes, at least when it goes to sun exposure.
While there are at least 10 tanning salons within a 5 mile radius in my town, there are also those that go through great lengths to avoid the sun.

Some women often skip lunch to lay on a tanning bed on their work lunch break, while some sport parasols and long sleeves in the scorching heat of this Tropical Summer.

Common sun avoidance technique listed below have developed as a protest to the "baking in baby oil" craze of the 80's, increased awareness of sun/skin cancer links, or just a vanity driven attempt to postpone "wrinkleage" as much as possible.

Which one of these common sun avoidance techniques do you practice?

  • Wear sunscreen at all times
  • Avoid the sun between 10p.m-4 p.m.
  • Wear parasols when walking outside.
  • Big sunglasses at all time
  • Wide brim hats
  • Avoid the beach at all costs
  • Avoid unnecessary daytime activities
  • UV protecting window tinting.
  • Long sleeves and pants, always.

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