Bitter Spice?

It's hard not too draw a parallel between Kate Gosselin's look and Victoria Beckham's: The blonde tresses, the angled short cut, the enormous sunglasses, refined noses etc...
Although I don't know what's going on with the back of Kate's hair. It looks like one of those mean pre-historic turkey looking dinosaurs from Jurassic Park
had found a home in the back of her head. The again, one can't forget that she is not a glamorous star: she is a woman known for having many children and letting reality T.V cameras into every minute of their childhood. I know: here I go being mean again. (Maybe my nickname should be Bitter Spice?) I simply do not like how she comes across. Everytime I watched a clip of the show (which was pre-divorce controversy) she just seemed like a very unyielding, egotistical person. Perfect for Hollywood, but alienating for "Reality T.V"

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