Best Gel Bronzers

(Left: Bonne Bell Gel Bronze. Right: Clinique Gel Bronzer for Men)

This is why Gel Bronzers a must have for the Season:
  • Summer Shade Foundation ~ If like most, you tend to get a little bit darker in Summer, you can customize your foundation and have it match your darker Summer shade by adding a few drops of bronzer to you usual shade. Perfect match! Without having to shell out the big bucks for a brand new bottle.
  • Tinted Moisturizer ~ If you are a minimalist that prefers just a veil of coverage in Summer, you can make your own tinted moisturizer. Simply add a drop or two of gel bronzer to your regular moisturizer. Blend in the palm of your hand and Voila! Another great skin must-have!
  • Sheer -no-streak- Color ~ Summer's heat and humidity can melt even the longest wearing foundation and powders. Tinted gel offer a lightweight alternative that stays put. You can even use the gel bronzer as a fixative base, then apply a bright shade of blush in the apples of the cheek for a pop!

My all time favorites are: Bonne Bell Gel Bronzer: a drugstore beauty with a huge cult following. This bronzer is extremely easy to apply and works best on bare skin.

My other favorite is Clinique's. This bronzer was originally part of their mainstream line and in recent years, the same product was re-packaged and marketed in their Men's line. Clinique's Gel Bronzer is densely pigmented and works wonders mixed with moisturizer or foundation. Because it's so pigmented, it works best on well moisturized, exfoliated skin.


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