Pinterest Inspired: Painted Ornaments

My first post featuring Pinterest Inspired Craftiness! Hopefully blogging my projects will inspire me to create more of the ideas I keep pinning.

 'Tis the Season... to make colorful, crafty projects full of glitter and shine!!! Here we go:
 I was intrigued by the idea of making my own Christmas ornaments, but didn't want to spend the money on specialty glass paint. I was so happy when I found this great Pin featuring a technique using cheap, cheap acrylic paint.
To sum it up, you just squeeze cheap acrylic craft paint into clear ornaments and swirl them around until they cover the surface.

That's it!

I found that using contrasting colors yield more interesting results. Similar colors (like on the green one, above) also work, but look a little blah.

The glitter ornament is a little bit different. I found many Pins using liquid floor wax to coat the inside of the ornament to act as a clear, fluid adhesive. But I don't have liquid floor wax on hand, so I searched for an alternative. Instead I use aerosol hair spray.
  1. I swirled it around to cover the entire ornament.
  2. Poured out the excess
  3. Poured a generous amount of glitter - at this point the glitter is swimming in hairspray so it is easy to spread and put it back in the ornament box to dry overnight.
How easy is that!

Because you are painting the inside of the ornament, you don't really need paint with a fancy/glossy/enamel/resistant finish.

Love this!!!

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