What a diffrence weather makes on hair, huh?
I'm typing this from the cool comfort of a sleepy New England town. Quite a difference from my scorching hot, dripping humid tropical home base.
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This morning I washed my hair with Suave shampoo and conditioner. Normally I would be a frizzy, matted mess but, to my disbelief, my hair is super soft and manegeable. I could only attribute this to the fact that the weather here is pure perfection. Daytime highs of 60 and very low humidity. This makes for a great hair day! My skin is also behaving. A lot less maintenance required and no constant make up touch ups, no mascara running down my face at 10:00 a.m.
This would be an ideal place to live, if it wasn't for the little torrential snow falls during Winter. ***sigh***
I'm going to have to become a snow bird. For the sake of beauty, of course.

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